Genital warts are only the symptom

An HPV infection always affects the whole body, and genital warts are just the visible symptom. That is why only holistic therapy will achieve long-lasting success.

Genital warts always require holistic treatment!

For prevention and complementary to treatment

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For acute treatment of the wart

citrimoldin no. 24 - Feigwarzen-EX Acute
41,94 EUR
1,40 EUR per ml
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For additional treatment of the mucous membranes

citrimoldin no.21 - Genital Warts Oil
34,80 EUR
1,16 EUR per ml
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citrimoldin no. 23 – HPV Drink Programme
59,94 EUR
1,20 EUR per ml
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For daily cleansing in case of HPV infections and genital warts

citrimoldin no. 4 – Wash Lotion
39,95 EUR
0,16 EUR per ml
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sustainably completes the strengthening of the immune system

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Professional Advice

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"The fruit kernel oil is effective against 800 virus and bacteria strains, 100 fungus strains, and a large number of single and multiple parasites."

"citrimoldin mouthwash prevents plaque and prevents tooth decay."