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Fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria

Fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria are the cause of many symptoms of illness. By eliminating fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria we can support our defence system in removing symptoms and curing diseases.

Our oils have been shown to be effective against many fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria. In addition, our fruit kernel oil stabilises the pH in the body or in affected areas to a healthy level of 6.5–7. A healthy pH deprives our undesirable friends of a breeding ground where they can survive.


A pH < 7 is considered acidic, 7 is neutral and > 7 alkaline. Fungi, viruses and bacteria need glucose to survive. As glucose is not metabolised with an acidic pH, an acidic body is an ideal breeding ground for fungi, viruses and bacteria, A hyperacid body has roughly 10,000 times more fungi, viruses and bacteria as a healthy person. However, an excessively high pH is also not healthy. This adversely affects heart function as there are too many nutrients in the blood. We recommend everybody has their pH measured regularly. If the level is too high, a doctor should be consulted immediately. In most cases the hormonal system, i.e. the thyroid gland, is the culprit and should be investigated. The cause for this is that the thyroid gland receives too many toxins nowadays, which eventually overwhelm an organ that does not grow as the patient grows.

As a result of their strong impact on fungi, viruses, germs and bacteria, our oils are able to to support the natural healing process and conventional medicine.


Highly effective, 100% organic fruit kernel oils

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This is the road to awareness of the various capabilities of nature!

Take an apple and place it on the ground. You will see how in seconds millions of small, microscopic fungi, bacteria and microbes settle on the apple. The microorganisms are attracted through the process of chemotaxis (small orientation agents triggered by chemical stimuli). They use all of their strength to penetrate the apple peel. With the help of the environment and the sun they multiply into billions of microorganisms in a few minutes. The peel is quickly breached, the flesh of the apple is devoured, and the microbes are at their goal: the seeds of the fruit.

The seeds are equipped with the necessary information and put up stiff resistance. They have a hard shell, as well as an additional defence mechanism consisting of cyanide, hydrogen cyanide, strychnine and other chemicals. Each of these chemicals has a different action on the invaders. Billions of microbes are defeated by the defence system.

All fruits are attacked in the same way by microorganisms. The process of decomposition takes several days for apples and up to two years for citrus fruits. There are fruits with such a highly developed defence system that microbes and fungi need up to 20 years to crack the seeds or kernels.

citrimoldin works!

We combine the capabilities of various defence substances present in a wide variety of seeds and kernels into a multi-level defence system.

We use the resources of nature to the full. For millions of years, fruits have adapted to novel and increasingly aggressive microbes. Today they possess the only product in nature that cannot be manipulated. This means that microbes are not able to undergo mutations enabling them to escape the defence system.

After four years of intensive research work, we have succeeded in developing a totally allergy-free, highly effective product that helps people get well. As a supplement to the drugs used in conventional medicine, more rapid and sustained healing can be achieved.

What does our oil do?

Our fruit kernel oil creates a pH level of 6.5–7 and has an alkaline effect as a result of its high content of bitter substances. The bitter substances help the body to metabolise the “ACID RESIDUE” in the body tissues and the digestive tract. It deprives fungi of their breeding ground and destroys them. Diseased areas are protected from further infection.


Fungi use glucose for nutrition and are an ideal breeding ground for germs and bacteria. The defence system does not recognise when skin, nails or organs are surrounded by fungi and germs, and the germs start their unpleasant work without being disturbed.

Our oil intervenes at this juncture. Within milliseconds, our fruit kernel oil attaches to the glucose stores of the body. Very soon the fungus is no longer able to take up glucose and dies after roughly 15 seconds. The fruit kernel oil takes over the decomposition process driven by excess glucose and liberates the affected cells. The normal defences then take over and destroy the attacker.

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